Toxicovigilance/Prescription Medication Misuse

According to the World Health Organization, toxicovigilance is the active process of identifying and evaluating the toxic risks existing in a community, and evaluating the measures taken to reduce or eliminate them. Our toxicovigilance research focuses... Read more →

COVID-19 and Social Media

This page contains resources associated with multiple studies (completed and ongoing) focusing on COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Twitter dashboards are available now (while under construction; updated 12/21/20)... Read more →

Breast Cancer Research with Social Media Data

Breast cancer patients often discontinue their long-term treatments, such as hormone therapy, increasing the risk of cancer recurrence. These discontinuations are often caused by adverse patient-centered outcomes (PCOs) due to hormonal drug side effects or other factors... Read more →

Text Summarization for Medical Evidence

As the volume of published medical research continues to grow rapidly, staying up to date with the best-available research evidence regarding specific topics is becoming an increasingly challenging problem... Read more →

Social Media Mining

Social media is a source of massive amounts of information. Social media is accessible by large populations and it contains large amounts of health-related chatter posted by users themselves. Therefore, social media often contains health-related information... Read more →